Endo Update

I have recently gone back to my GP in regards to my pain and the fact that I cannot be expected to raise two children incapacitated most of the time. How refreshing it was to actually talk to a Health Care Practitioner and not have a battle for appropriate treatment! He actually listened to my concerns with the use of ablation and my facts regarding the return percentages with ablation vs excision. (see my previous blog for more info here).

So we happily decided for me to be referred back to the specialists upon the premise of going down the Zoladex route again. I am mixed about this but I feel I have exhausted all of my options and Zoladex was the one treatment that kept the pain at bay… however I did suffer some horrible side effects, as the GP that prescribed the drug at them time did not think to also prescribe HRT.  I have been told that I won’t be able to take HRT due to my migraines, so there’s that!

I am wondering how I will cope with the side effects of the drug and my day to day, but I am a “cross that bridge when we come to it” kind of person, so time will tell.


Well Hello There!

Wow, it’s been almost a whole year since I last blogged. Sorry about that… I have been super busy with my babies!

I think I last talked about how much I was struggling with pelvic pain throughout my pregnancy, well it didn’t get any easier. I still suffer now, ten months on.

Here is William Sidney, he was born on the 29th of January, a week early! and not to mention he threw some major shade on my birthday that was two days later! BUT he was the best gift I’ve had by far.


Life with two young ones hasn’t been paradise, they definitely are a handful at times, but what seems to get me through it all is the love they seem to have for each other. They are constantly giggling at each other, wanting to just be near each other. I love it but of course it isn’t all giggles and cwtches, they can also be worst enemies. Will likes to kick and annoy his big brother and Evan loves to ride trucks over his back.

A few things have happened this year, Evan turned 2! I passed my driving test and we also had a beautiful holiday in Bulgaria.

I won’t bog the blog down with a whole run of the year but I am going to try and make more of an effort to blog more, so here’s hoping I actually stick to it!

Ciao for now!

Goodbye 2016…

So… where do I begin? It’s been emotional I can definitely say that, my son’s first birthday, a new pregnancy and an amazing holiday to Rhodes for our first family holiday. I’m really looking forward to 2017, though I’m no doubt terrified at the prospect of raising two boys and what my illness will bring after this pregnancy is over.

I’m hoping that my illness won’t get in the way in 2017, I feel like it really overshadowed my ability to bond properly in the first few months with Evan and I really would love to be more positive this time, I want to be more organised and be up and about more.

I know things can’t change at the drop of a hat but it’ll be nice to be able to try and be a better mother and a better partner.

My goals for 2017;

  • Pass driving test
  • Lose sufficient weight for laparoscopy
  • Be more proactive with kids

I don’t want to set unrealistic goals but these are do-able!

Here’s to a New Year!


So I’ve become rather addicted to crochet over the past few months, all I want to look at is beautiful yarn and things people have created. 
I’m currently making a grey and white baby blanket using one of Bella Coco’s half treble stripe tutorial and using Rico’s baby cotton soft print yarn in grey/white, I’m using a 3.5mm hook and I’m really happy with how it’s coming along! I didn’t want to use acrylic but the cotton/ acrylic combo is still surprisingly quite soft! 

This was a week or two ago, I am roughly halfway now and I cannot wait to finish and send to my friend who’s having her baby VERY soon (no pressure!). 

Woooah we’re halfway there…

I can’t believe I’m at the halfway mark already! In 5 months time or less I’ll be meeting our new addition. 

I haven’t been blogging much as I find this pregnancy has been very draining plus having to look after a high spirited toddler. I’m still finding that endometriosis is affecting my pregnancy like last time – a suggestion that was made being my adhesions are pulling on organs where the baby is getting bigger – ouch! 

My anomoly scan is tomorrow and I’m very much excited, hoping to find out the sex as we are desperate to know what needs doing! If a boy we have the easy task of just buying a crib and bunking with my son when old enough BUT if we are expecting a girl we have the painstaking task of cleaning out the spare room which is aladdins cave right now and relocating our tumble dryer plus selling Evans baby clothes to make way for girly bits. 

Everyone is excited and it’s all going too quickly!  

Exciting News!

Sorry I haven’t posted for while, life has been pretty hectic and I haven’t been 100%. But of course, this is to be expected from a spoonie Blog! 

We have some happy news, we are expecting another addition in February 2017, it was a surprise to say the least. 

I’ve also been learning to drive and recently failed my test but it’s finally booked back in.

In my previous pregnancy my symptoms of endometriosis didn’t completely go away and I had the added bonus of sciatica which has reared its ugly heads already, I’m hoping I won’t experience the pain like I did on my first. 

I won’t be posting much throughout my pregnancy as it is already taking its toll on my in the early stages, but I’ll be around on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
So here’s to another 25 weeks!

Endoparent: Survival of the Sickest

We’ve not long returned from the most amazing holiday in Rhodes, we had a serious case of the holiday blues on our return, no more buffet breakfast, no more poolside ‘Adult’ slushies, no more maid… I know, I know! How will we ever live.

One of the things that we both dreaded was holidaying with our son, as horrible as it might sound, he decided a week before we were due to go he would learn how to bloody walk. Not something we really prepared for although somewhere deep down I knew it would happen. We pretty much sailed through Cardiff airport, the only hiccup being our borrowed Silver Cross Pop that decided to be uncooperative at security, resulting in a staff member coming over to show us how to fold our ‘own’ pram… nice one. To then be chosen for a random pat down… apparently armpits are extremely dangerous and can conceal all sorts of explosives *eye roll*.

The flight to Rhodes  wasn’t bad, our son found it his duty to pester the poor woman next to my partner near enough the whole flight (there is only so many times a human being can sing “round and round the garden”), taking it upon himself to dive for her glasses and then poke his hands through the seat to grab the pensioners in front (thank you for finding the humour in that by the way). I felt like utter crap the whole flight, my sinuses were playing up and landing in Rhodes was stupidly painful for my bloody face!

Our holiday was really good, I felt fairly good in myself, only feeling the groggy plane lurgy for a day or two, we stayed at the Atlantica Aegean Blue Resort in Kolymbia, Rhodes, I honestly cannot believe how outstanding the hotel was, we really miss it!

Take us back… pretty please with a cherry on top.

The view from the main restaurant were beautiful, one of the important things for us on holiday is the food and the hotel did not disappoint, we ate like kings! However Evan decided that he was too good for nutrition and survived mostly on ice cream and Greek yoghurt, so yes, he ate like a bloody king too.

Throughout the whole holiday I felt the best I had in a long time, I only had a few niggles when I drank alcohol which is normal for me. I was really fortunate that I only once had to take some pain medication.

Our flight home was a different story, Diagoras airport was hotter than Satan’s arsehole and the checking in procedure was a joke, we snake queued for what felt like an eternity and then to find out you queue again to check your bags in… then to queue again to go through security but this time we did a lot better, no chuckle brothers nonsense.

Evan was like a human radiator the whole flight home, we had to strip him off to his nappy but I’m glad he slept the whole way, poor soul was really unwell. For the next week and a half he had awful diarrhoea, one trick that he seems to have perfected is shitting everywhere BUT the nappy, this is a skill that only the highest ninja babies possess… try not to be too jealous.

TLDR; Holiday was amazing, I felt good and my child is skilled at shitting.